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Star Wars The High Republic #1 Second Printing | CGC 9.6

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Grade CGC: 9.6

Publisher Name

Interior Art

Ario Aninditio & Mark Morales


Cavan Scott

Cover Artist

Ario Aninditio & Mark Morales

BEFORE THE SKYWALKER SAGA! THE GOLDEN AGE OF THE JEDI! A new era of STAR WARS storytelling begins. It is centuries before the SKYWALKER SAGA. The JEDI are at their height, protecting the galaxy as REPUBLIC pioneers push out into new territories. As the Frontier prepares for the dedication of majestic STARLIGHT BEACON, PADAWAN KEEVE TRENNIS faces the ultimate choice - will she complete her Jedi Trials or rescue the innocent from disaster? New Jedi! New ships! New evils to fight! Rated T