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New Teen Titans #40 | CGC 9.8

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Grade CGC: 9.6

Publisher Name


Interior Art

George Perez & Romeo Tanghal


Marv Wolfman

Cover Artist

George Perez

In Zandia, an awestruck group of acolytes are witnesses to an astonishing ritual in which Brother Blood rises from a huge pool formed by the collected blood of his deceased enemies. Meanwhile, at Steve Dayton’s estate on Long Island, the antics of Gar Logan and Tara Markov cause the latest in a series of tutors hired by Dayton to quit, whereupon the two youngest Titans fly to join their teammates   as guests on a segment of Bethany Snow’s cable TV program regarding a proposed arms shipment to Zandia. The Titans, led by Wonder Girl, are unable to convince their audience of the true evil intentions of the charismatic Brother Blood. Dick Grayson deduces that the newly elected congressmen and senators who appeared on the program in support of Blood are actually his followers, rather than the politicians whose seeming affiliation with the villain had been revealed by the Titans’ investigations (in the previous issue). Disguised as newsman Joe Walsh, Dick accompanies Bethany Snow and the three discredited politicians on a fact-finding tour to Zandia, only to have his true identity uncovered by Blood’s cult. Receiving an emergency signal from Dick, the other Titans invade Blood’s temple in their T-Sub, but are overcome by a surprise gas attack. The captive Titans awaken to find Dick under Brother Blood’s control and themselves about to be lowered into his pool of blood.