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New Teen Titans #31 | CGC 9.6

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Grade CGC: 9.6

Publisher Name


Interior Art

George Perez & Romeo Tanghal


Marv Wolfman

Cover Artist

George Perez

Kid Flash is confused about his feelings for Raven, who is being tortured by the New Brotherhood of Evil; Wonder Girl returns to Titans Tower and gives the team news of Terry’s marriage proposal. The Titans leave for Zandia to locate Raven. The Brotherhood of Evil subjects Raven to psychological tortures to force her to reveal what she knows of Brother Blood (which knowledge she unconsciously absorbed   when her soul-self enveloped Blood during their previous encounter), but it is only the subtler methods of the Brain and Monsieur Mallah that persuade her to cooperate. Trailing the evildoers to the site of Brother Blood’s secret “Regeneration Chamber,” the Titans find the tide of battle turning against them. When they appear to have been killed, Raven goes berserk and almost kills the villains, before Wonder Girl manages to bring her to her senses.