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New Teen Titans #21 | 1st app of Brother Blood | CGC 9.2

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Grade CGC: 9.2

Publisher Name


Interior Art

George Perez & Romeo Tanghal


Marv Wolfman

Cover Artist

George Perez

1st app of Brother Blood

Raven and Starfire team up to save a baseball stadium crowd from terrorists, unaware that they are being monitored from the satellite base of the criminals’ secret backer. Meanwhile, Cyborg’s ex-girlfriend, Marcy Reynolds, is murdered when she tries to escape the confines of the Church of Brother Blood, a pseudo-religious commune she had joined. Infiltrating the cult to seek information on Cyborg’s   behalf, Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, and Raven (in their civilian identities) are horrified at Brother Blood’s methods of dealing with any acolyte who tries to leave his group. Their true identities discovered, the four battle Blood and his followers, but are easily defeated, and Raven’s soul-self escapes to warn the other Titans.