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Rabbit Comics Super Fluffle Mystery Pack (10 Books)

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Publisher Name

Interior Art


Cover Artist

What this mystery box includes: 

10 books total 

3 guaranteed exclusive 

7 other books.  Could be regular books (most packs will have these), incentive variants, or other exclusives.  

All packs will include at a gift card to be used on our website for future purchases. These gift cards will be valued at $5, $10, $20 or $50 dollars.  

All books will be 9.4 or better condition


1:25 packs include a metal cover 

1:10 packs will have more than three exclusive

All packs will at minimum include at $5 dollar gift card, 1:5 boxes will include at $10 dollar gift card, 1:10 will include a $20 dollar card, 1:25 will include at $50 Dollar gift card.